Welcome to Free Crocodile Feed Reader

Crocodile Reader is a software developed under GPL and can be used and modified according to the GPL licence. The Crocodile Reader is an offline RSS/Atom feed reader. If you need sometimes to take small part of the internet with you while you are on the tube or in other place where Internet connection is impossible, hopefully you would find this application usable. The development is still in early alpha as I started this project few days ago. Information about licencing together with source code is avaliable from sourceforge.net

So far the applicaton is able to:

  • Add/Remove feed subscriptions
  • Browse original web page associated with the feed item
  • Mark feed items as 'Read'
  • Download all web pages (together with all goodness/badness that come with it). Only pages for items not marked as 'Read' would be downloaded.
  • If you name your Dzone subscription as 'dzone' * you can use so called 'Cleaning' feature which allows you to skip the web page associated with the Dzone feed and go/download directly the source web page submitted to Dzone. *(this feature is in main focus of the development at the time of this writing thats why it works only for hardcoded 'dzone' option)

Currently small Alpha release is available from the sourceforge.net web site. Please follow the link to download the latest release.

If you want to have a feel of how the Crocodile looks like, please click on the image above. (Please note that the screenshot has been made with example web page displayed by the Crocodile reader and that the web page itself is not part of the Crocodile application.

Added by: Krzysztof Grajek 01/04/2008